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TAALK for You is a program designed to help communities raise awareness of the child sexual abuse epidemic, educate adults on how to protect children and provide a safe place for survivors and their families to heal. TAALK will provide speakers for your events including but not limited to conferences, networking meetings, teacher in service training, youth serving organization training, PTA meetings, college level classes and recovery ministries. Call us at 1-888-808-6558 or to schedule a speaker. Current speakers include:

Child Sexual Abuse Together We Can Make a Difference

We have all been gifted and blessed in different ways but we have one thing in common – we are all connected and when one of us hurts, it hurts us all.

1 out of every 5 people YOU know has or will experience childhood sexual abuse

This violation often results in anxiety, depression, failing grades, substance abuse, promiscuity, teen pregnancy, relationship issues, job loss, divorce, crime, obesity, eating disorders, disease and suicide. The impact on our community is profound.

We all have something to offer. We all have a way we can serve those in need. Some have time, some have talent, some have money, some have influence and some have their own story of victory after the impact of child sexual abuse.

We challenge you to choose to be a part
of our prevention efforts and the healing of your friends,
your community, your nation, and your world.

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to learn how you can make a difference.

Time ~ Talent ~ Treasure
Influence ~ Experience

Child Sexual Abuse Best Practice #7 - Pre-Establish Your Response and Take Bold Action

Adopt Standards for Responding to Observed, Disclosed or Suspected Abuse
Child sexual abuse is a crime and cases should never be handled "in-house" or "within the family." Unfortunately through many high profile cases, we've seen the devastating impact of organizations attempting to resolve the issue internally. Over the years we have also learned that countless children were faced with a secondary betrayal when they disclosed and their parents decided to keep it within the family. In both of these scenarios, victims are not validated and provided an opportunity to heal; and child molesters are not held accountable for their actions and in many cases they continued to have access to children resulting in additional victims.

Read more: Child Sexual Abuse Best Practice #7 - Pre-Establish Your Response and Take Bold Action

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