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This topic consists of two 2-hour on-line training classes which will prepare you to provide one-on-one support for parents whose children have been abused. This product includes the first of the two classes (Part A). The second class (Part B) is a separate product  .

The first days, weeks, and months after disclosure are often surreal for parents. They need someone who's not emotionally involved to guide them through key aspects of their journey including:
  • How to create an environment where their kids feel safe enough to talk
  • Reporting - Law Enforcement, Child Protective Services and the Criminal Court Process
  • Referrals to a therapist for their child (and themselves!)
  • Possibly referrals to an attorney
  • Potential Victims of Crime Compensation

Emotional support as the whole family processes what has happened. The emotional roller coaster can be overwhelming, including feelings of shock, disbelief, anger, sadness, depression, shame, guilt and embarrassment to name a few.
In incest cases where the accused is a custodial parent, the non-offending parent may also face loss of income, insurance, housing and family members who support the perpetrator. The non-offending parent may also find themselves working within the Family Court structure instead of Criminal Court.
Non-offending parents will certainly long to talk with someone who understands and can provide emotional support and hope that this too shall pass and that healing is possible. It's important that you're prepared to take a call from a distraught parent and provide them with the compassion, guidance, and referrals they need. Even if you are focused on prevention rather than support, if you're out talking about child sexual abuse in your community you will inevitable receive these calls.

* All references to TAALK Chapters are no longer in affect. We are offering the training as a valuable resource for people who want to become independent advocates in their community.