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This topic consists of two 2-hour on-line training classes which will teach you how to deliver a child sexual abuse awareness presentation. This product includes the first of the two classes (Part A). The second class (Part B) is a separate product.
 The child sexual abuse awareness presentation covers a variety of topics including:
  • What is Child Sexual Abuse?
  • Child Sexual Abuse Statistics
  • Who are Potential Victims and Offenders?
  • Why do Child Molesters Offend?
  • Can Offenders Be Treated/Cured?
  • Consequences of Abuse
  • Vulnerability Patterns
  • Offender Grooming Behaviors
  • Signs of Abuse in Children
  • Natural and Healthy Sexual Behavior in Kids
  • Barriers to Talking About Abuse and Taking Action
  • Parent Prevention Best Practices
You will also learn how to handle adult disclosures during and after your presentation. In the process of delivering this presentation you'll model for your audience how to talk about child sexual abuse comfortably - which is our ultimate goal that creates the foundation for change. A sample slide presentation will be provided along with videotaped examples of the presentation being delivered. This will allow you to become completely comfortable with the material and how to incorporate it into a conversation as well as a formal presentation.

* All references to TAALK Chapters are no longer in affect. We are offering the training as a valuable resource for people who want to become independent advocates in their community.