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The Ace Study showed that one third of the population being studied experienced at least one category of childhood trauma. If any one category was experienced, there was an 87% chance that at least one additional category was present. One in six individuals in the study experienced 4 or more categories of childhood trauma and one in nine experienced 5 or more categories. Join us as we learn from a victim of multiple types of abuse what childhood was really like, how it impacted him as an adult and how he has triumphantly overcome his past.

Diane Cranley Interviews:

Michael Skinner - Michael Skinner is a nationally known award-winning advocate survivor addressing the issues of trauma, abuse and mental health concerns through public speaking and his music. He has spoken at the National Press Club, was a keynote presenter for a conference held by the United Nations, The State Department and Georgetown University on the sexual exploitation and trafficking of children and adults and he has appeared on many TV, radio and Internet shows. Michael was part of the Oprah Winfrey Shows that addressed the issues of males sexually abused as children. His music and advocacy website has been visited by well over a million visitors. Michael has also formed the non-profit, the Surviving Spirit, that offers Hope, Healing and Help for those impacted by trauma, abuse and mental health through the creative arts and a monthly newsletter.