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Explore the many ways our court systems fail to protect children's rights; from placing the burden of proof on young children, to deverting attention to battling parents in custody proceedings; from inadequate training to budget constraints. Learn what you can do to help improve the system in your community.

Diane Cranley Interviews:

Hon. DeAnn M. Salcido (Ret.) - In May 2010 DeAnn Salcido was the FIRST AND ONLY Judge to sue her own court for its failure to follow MANDATORY laws designed to protect victims of Domestic Violence, which comprise mostly women and children. Under pressure to resign or be fired, she retired in November 2010, as her working environment was hostile and not receptive to criticism by "one of its own". Sadly, her decision to speak out against the court was a culmination of years of watching the court disregard victims of crimes or other forms of abuse, often by loved ones. She too was guilty of making a horrible mistake on what has become known as the "Joyce Murphy case". Be that as it may, it has been a blessing in disguise. She is free now to speak the truth.

Meera Fox - Meera Fox, Esq. represented juvenile wards of the Dependency court as an attorney for Children's Law Offices before becoming a successful sole practitioner representing Protective Parents of sexually abused children in Family Court custody proceedings. Ms. Fox founded and has served as Executive Director of Child Abuse Solutions, Inc. for the past ten years. Child Abuse Solutions Inc. works to make court and child protection systems responsive to the needs of abused children.