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Learn about programs you can use in your community to teach kids, from preschool to middle school, about child sexual abuse safety and hear from experts who have had proven success in their communities.

Diane Cranley Interviews:

Aric-James Darroe - Aric-James Darroe has been a puppeteer for 30 years and began educating children in 1989. As President of The Kids on the Block, Inc., Aric-James "wears many hats" - he is a frequent conference presenter and has developed curricula on alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention, bullies and school safety, childhood obesity and multiculturalism for The Kids on the Block.

Trish Sandag - Trish Sandag is Program Director of Kids on the Block (KOTB), an educational puppetry program of the Child Abuse Council, a private, non-profit agency in Tampa, Fl. KOTB puppet shows teach children how to recognize and stay safe from child abuse and bullying. In 1996, Trish Sandag began performing KOTB shows and has directed KOTB since 2003. Under her direction in 2009-2010, KOTB served over 30,000 third and fourth grade students in 163 schools in Hillsborough County, the eight largest school district in the nation. She holds a BA degree in Early Childhood Education from Montclair State University.

Peggy Carey - Working with children and families over 30 years. Masters in Early Childhood Education. Peggy has been working with children and their families over 30 years as a Preschool Teacher, Director of child care centers, and Instructor in early childhood and parent education at the Community College and University levels. For the past seven years, she has worked at Committee for Children, the nonprofit leader in bullying, violence, and child abuse prevention. Committee for Children developed the Talking About Touching program which gives children a foundation of fundamental skills for dealing with dangerous situations and supports families and teachers in discussing sensitive but critical issues with children.