For those who feel unsafe browsing on this site due to possible sexual abuse within your household, press the Safe Exit button at any time to switch your browser to Google and clear the back button. For even more protection, clear your browser history and open this site in an incognito window.

TAALK has worked tirelessly since 2007 to create valuable tools to educate the public on the child sexual abuse pandemic including prevention and healing. We encourage you to take advantage of all we have to offer because your level of awareness and comfort with this topic could make all the difference in the world to the children in your life. They're counting on you!

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Best Practices

Through her extensive research and advocacy, TAALK's Founder, Diane Cranley, has summarized her learning into 8 Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Best Practices that help us more easily remember what we can do to protect children from sexual abuse. Diane has authored a book entitled 8 Ways to Create Their Fate: Protecting the Sexual Innocence of Children in Youth-Serving Organizations which details these eight best practices for this specific audience that serve youth in our communities. She has also written overviews for the following audiences in our communities:

These overviews are a guideline for every adult to understand their role in the resolution of the child sexual abuse pandemic. While each best practice may be implemented slightly differently based on role, together the best practices provide a common vision and language across the community.

Every adult plays at least one role - that of parent or concerned adult, while some adults may play additional roles. We challenge you to learn about the eight best practices for all roles which you play in your community. Thank you in advance for joining us in the fight to protect the innocence of our children!

Child Sexual Abuse Expert Interviews

TAALK is committed to talking about every aspect of the child sexual abuse pandemic in an effort to educate the public and model what it looks like to talk about sexual abuse comfortably. There are people all over the world who have a heart for children and are called to protect them and help survivors of all ages heal. The following interviews provide a glimpse of what child sexual abuse experts and advocates around the world are doing to put an end to this pandemic as well as the damaging consequences. We hope you find them both informative and inspiring.

These interviews were recorded as part of two radio marathons we called TAALK-a-Thons. The first was held in April 2011 and the second was held in December 2011. We started each of these programs at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time and our Founder, Diane Cranley, followed the sun around the world, interviewing guest speakers for 24 hours straight covering a variety of topics related to child sexual abuse awareness, prevention and support.

You have the opportunity to learn from 96 experts, in 15 countries, who have the brightest minds and the biggest hearts. I encourage you to take full advantage of the opportunity by listening to as many of these interviews as you can, especially if you plan to be an advocate in your community. 

Child Sexual Abuse Survivor Stories

TAALK wants to empower survivors through the use of story. Survivors With A Purpose is a series of interviews with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. These interviews are designed to give the survivor an opportunity to share their story in a way that both empowers them and provides valuable insight to our followers so they can learn to better protect children.

Our hope is that each story will create a dialog, internally within your minds, as well as externally with your family and other community members. We want you to take the time to analyze each story to determine how you could protect the children in your lives from similar abuse.

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

Child sexual abuse is predictable and preventable when we surround children with knowledgeable and outspoken adults and we ALL play a part in the solution. TAALK is calling all adults to learn about the prevalence and consequences of childhood sexual abuse and more importantly make a commitment to intercede on behalf of kids when they need protecting, rescueing, and healing. To show our commitment, TAALK offers free on-line training so there is no barrier to being part of the solution. Even if you don't have a computer at home or internet access, you can use a computer at the local library to take the class. Will you answer TAALK's call to learn?

Prevention in Youth-Serving Organizations

Your Guide to Protecting the Sexual Abuse of Children in Youth-Serving Organizations

Ten percent of students surveyed say they were abused at school – that is nearly 4.5 million U.S. students. That number doesn't begin to address the children who were abused in day care centers, boys and girls clubs, faith organizations, sports programs and other youth-serving organizations. Child molesters need access in order to abuse and what better way to gain it than to work for an organization that serves youth?