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  • Asking the Question: "What Happened to You?"

    Understand how the standard medical model of diagnosis often fails to heal patients by focusing on the obvious symptoms rather than the underlying cause. You'll receive an introduction to the idea of trauma-informed care and practice across service systems. 

  • Breaking the Cycle

    Breaking the Cycle lays out one of the most powerful approaches to overcoming the impact of childhood trauma that I've ever seen. Dr. Riggin's unique method includes an analytical approach to emotional healing that makes it a valuable tool for any survivor but is especially useful for those who struggle to connect with their emotions. The easy to follow step-by-step format can be used by individuals or as a workbook for support groups. Truly a gift to the world!

    This interview was recorded in September 2011 just weeks before Dr. Sandra Riggin passed away. Join us as we take an in-depth look into Sandy's revised book, Breaking the Cycle. She worked tirelessly in her final weeks to complete the book so she could leave it with us as her parting gift. We miss you and love you Sandy!

  • Building a Europe for and with Children

    Learn about the child sexual abuse epidemic landscape in Europe including the role of The Council of Europe, legal instruments being used to combat sexual violence, current challenges being faced including child pornography and cybercrime and examples of current practices in member states.

  • Building Confident Kids with Age Appropriate Sexual Boundaries

    Gain an understanding of age appropriate sexual behavior, how to reinstate strong sexual boundaries after abuse and how children's empowerment and sex education programs can lower the risk of abuse.

  • Child Sexual Abuse Basics: Give Yourself Permission to See the Truth

    Learn the basics about the child sexual abuse epidemic including the prevalence, consequences, grooming behaviors, signs in abused children, what to do if you suspect abuse and your role in resolving the epidemic.

  • Children in Care: Lessons Learned and Keeping Siblings Connected

    Raise your level of awareness about the risks of sexual abuse in Children's Homes and how history can teach us to minimize the risk. Also learn about extraordinary work being done to keep siblings connected when they've been placed in separate homes.

  • Community Initiatives that Teach Adults to Prevent, Recognize and React Responsibly to Child Sexual

    Learn the 7 Steps to protecting your children from child sexual abuse and how several communities have utilized Darkness to Light's Stewards of Children program to educate adults on how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly.

  • Confrontation, Compassion and Forgiveness: A Triage for Transformation

    A survivor of clergy abuse who is now a treatment professional for sex offenders interfaces with a recovering child molester through restorative therapy.

  • Dare to Dream: Empowering Boys and Men Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse

    Expand your understanding of the impact of child sexual abuse on boys and men. Male survivors will gain hope and be empowered to actively engage in their healing and others will learn how their understanding and compassion may be all that's needed for a male in their life to disclose and begin his healing journey.

  • Embodied Violations : The Impact of Toxic Stress on Human Health

    Gain an understanding of how chronic distress such as sexual boundary violations creates lifelong health issues by weakening of the immune, hormone and nervous systems and how the lack of reasoning around complex health issues stemming from abuse results in continued emotional disturbance similar to that of the original violation. Thus the importance of recognizing the connection between health issues and the underlying cause.

  • From Trauma to Triumph: How to Reduce the Negative Impact of Sexual Abuse on the Childbearing Woman

    Increase your compassion and understanding of the impacts of pregnancy and childbirth on female childhood sexual abuse survivors. Survivors will learn to embrace childbirth as a transformational healing opportunity while childbirth professionals will learn how to effectively support survivors through this process.

  • Healing from Organized Sexual Abuse and Violence

    Raise your awareness of how some offenders use an organized plan of sexual, physical and emotional abuse as well as violence as a means of controlling children and adults. Learn how one group of survivors and professionals has created a support group that provides victims of this type of severe trauma a safe place to heal and how you can use their model in your community.

  • How to Listen So People Will Tell: Creating a Safe Place for Survivors

    Learn how you can create a safe place for survivors of child sexual abuse to talk. Whether you're a medical professional, parent, sibling, friend, neighbor or colleague - you could be the one who brings a child to safety or an adult survivor to healing just by listening.

  • It Can Only Get Better: Addressing Child Sexual Abuse in India

    India's huge population, vast demographic differences and socio cultural complexities present challenges to addressing child sexual abuse. Get an insight and be inspired by four professionals from varied backgrounds who are breaking off chunks from the rock of denial, diffidence, ignorance and paranoia which epitomize the context.

  • Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet

    Learn about the growing demand for child pornography, the eminent danger of on-line predators, what the government is doing to combat these crimes against children and how you can use interactive games in your home and schools to teach children how to recognize potential danger on-line.

  • Prevention is the best way!

    Learn about the process, challenges and ultimate success of creating and marketing a new community child sexual abuse prevention initiative.

  • Stopping Those Who Sexually Abuse is Everyone's Responsibility

    Learn to recognize the predictable behavior patterns of child molesters and how you, as a bystander, can become an effective part of the sexual violence prevention effort.
  • Teaching Safety Rules through Kid-Friendly Programs - A Winning Combination

    Learn about programs you can use in your community to teach kids, from preschool to middle school, about child sexual abuse safety and hear from experts who have had proven success in their communities.

  • The Impact of Child Sexual Abuse on Adult Health

    Gain an understanding of the proven connection between childhood trauma and health issues including brain development and addictive illness disorders.

  • The Missing Link to Child Sexual Abuse Prevention - Offender Policy, Treatment and Community Reentry

    Learn how your understanding and critical analysis of public policy and community practices for handling offenders directly impacts your community's ability to protect children.

  • The National Network for Rape Prevention in New Zealand

    In this segment, we will focus on how New Zealanders have created a national network for addressing sexual violence which incorporates indigenous and non-indigenous community members in the prevention effort.

  • Treatment and Prevention Programs for Child Sexual Abuse in Israel

    Learn about the great strides being made in Israel in the area of both child sexual abuse prevention and treatment as well as the challenges they have overcome and continue to face in the area of program responsibility, funding and offender management.

  • Understanding What Causes People to Offend and the Opportunities for Early Intervention

    Expand your vision of child sexual abuse prevention by understanding what causes people to offend and acquire practical early detection screening tools for parents, teachers, counselors, and physicians.

  • Who's Protecting Children's Rights?: The Challenges of the Family and Criminal Court Systems

    Explore the many ways our court systems fail to protect children's rights; from placing the burden of proof on young children, to deverting attention to battling parents in custody proceedings; from inadequate training to budget constraints. Learn what you can do to help improve the system in your community.