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Montana Man Admits to Molesting 9-Year-Old Boy

LAUREL - A Laurel man turned in by his girlfriend last year for molesting a young boy now admits that he did the crime.

Steven Ryan Wilson, 29, pleaded guilty earlier this week in Yellowstone County District Court to the charge of sexual assault.

Wilson admitted he molested a 9-year-old boy at a Laurel residence for as long as four months. His girlfriend walked in on the abuse and immediately reported Wilson to police.

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Hospital Uses Therapy Treatment on Pedophiles

GERMANY - A man looks with interest at the child sitting in front of him in the metro, as a voice asks off-screen: “Do you like children in ways that you shouldn’t?”

“Help is available,” adds the advertisement broadcast on German television and over the Internet, urging people who feel sexually attracted to children to join a unique therapy program called “Don’t offend.”

Launched some 11 years ago, the largely publicly-funded project by Berlin’s top university hospital Charite calls on pedophiles to undertake a treatment that helps them control their urges.

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Australian Couple Jailed for Sexually Abusing and Torturing Daughter for 15 Years

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - An Australian couple have been handed long prison sentences for sexually abusing, torturing and locking up their daughter for more than 15 years.

Sydney District Court was told the father used a number of sharp tools to rape and torture the girl.

The girl was tied up in a shed or a plastic box for up to three days at a time at the family's property in rural Northern New South Wales. She was first abused by her father at 5 years old.

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Sexual Abuse in USA Gymnastics Team Reported

LOS ANGELES, CA - A former gymnast has filed a lawsuit against Gymnastics USA over the creation of an environment which enabled the sexual abuse of young team members.

Ex co-ordinators of the national team Bela and Martha Karolyi as well as doctor Larry Nassar are accused of hiding sexual and physical abuse which took place at their Texas training base in order to protect their own reputations.

The accuser has not been named but was part of Team USA between 2004 and 2010 and filed her complaint in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Nassar has not been charged but resigned last September after over 30 people accused him of sexual abuse during his time with the team, which stretched over four separate Olympic Games.

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