For those who feel unsafe browsing on this site due to possible sexual abuse within your household, press the Safe Exit button at any time to switch your browser to Google and clear the back button. For even more protection, clear your browser history and open this site in an incognito window.

  • Are you knowledgeable?

    Child sexual abuse is predictable and preventable when we surround children with knowledgeable and outspoken adults. 

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  • Stoplight Magnets

    How do you help your children tell when they don't have the words?

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  • 8 Ways to Create their Fate

    Your Guide to Protecting the Sexual Abuse of Children in Youth-Serving Organizations

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Survivor Support

Supporting Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Supporting Non-Offending Parents in the Aftermath of Their Child's Disclosure

Patient and Understanding Tutor

"Patient and understanding tutor"

- Tracy, Laguna Hills, CA on 6/18/15

Whitney has been working on Algebra 2 with my daughter, and my daughter really enjoys working with her. She explains things well and is very patient. She explains things in a way my daughter understands.

Great Tutor

"Great tutor!"

- Corinne, Lake Forest, CA on 4/29/13

Whitney has been a godsend for my daughter who was struggling in geometry. She is very patient and extremely flexible.

The Church Body's Role in Resolving the Child Sexual Abuse Pandemic

Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.           (1 Corinthians 12:27 NIV)

The child sexual abuse pandemic has many facets and in order to overcome this destructive scheme of the enemy, God needs us to actively engage in all of them. We encouarge church staff and the body as a whole to understand their role in prevention and in setting the captives free. There is so much to be done but together we can and will overcome. 

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