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    How do you help your children tell when they don't have the words?

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Worldwide Prayer Team

Over the Child Sexual Abuse Pandemic

God asked me to start a worldwide prayer team over the child sexual abuse pandemic. His vision is for there to be believers praying and fasting 24/7, all over the world, for the innocence and future of our children; as they are the future of our communities, our nation and the Kingdom of God.

In obedience, I am inviting all believers to be united in prayer for our children so that God's light would be called forth to overtake the darkness in the earthly realm, in our age as we know it will in end times. I'm grateful that you're reading this and pray that all who do will join me in God's work!

Diane Cranley, Founder and President, TAALK

visual journey God took

This video represents a visual journey God took a dear friend of mine on. He showed her that there is a great darkness covering our nation which is Satan and his forces looming over us. And then he showed her beams of light breaking through the darkness and told her that these are people praying, but there are few.

I pray that you will join us in prayer and be a beam of light that breaks through the darkness!

Here's How to Get Started

1. Join our prayer team and become a beam of light, breaking through the darkness! 

     - Register to join an existing prayer event (phone-based or in-person)         - OR -

     - Create your own event to show you will pray individually or to start a group  

2. View/Download the Prayer Guide so you can pray in unity with the team.

3. Sign up for our newsletter to keep informed about our global events and progress.

God's vision is to have people praying 24/7 around the world. So when you go to schedule your event, look at the global calendar and try to pick a time when others are not praying and fill those gaps first. Eventually as the team grows and the calendar starts to fill up, we can use the category drop-down menu on the calendar to view events by country; choosing an available slot from there will allow us to cover each nation in prayer 24/7.

We are just getting started so when you look at the world map to the right and the calendar of events, the listings may be sparse. Please don't let that stop you from joining us. Create an event and share what you're doing with family, friends, and your church body and ask them to join you in this great work God is doing through us.