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Create a Prayer Event Instructions

While the event form is fairly self-explanatory, there are a few things that are important to help us keep our event listings organized and easy-to-find, so please glance through the items highlighted in pink before you enter your event. If you have any problems completing the form you can use the instructions as a step-by-step guide.

Title - Add one of these STANDARD titles:

  •       Individual Prayer
  • In-Person Prayer Meeting
  • On-Line Prayer Meeting
  • Prayer Walk
  • Prayer & Fasting  

Event Description - Include details for the vision of your event. You do not need to include the specific location, dates, or time as these will be collected in other fields but you should include reference to how often the group will meet. Also include if there is a specific target audience for the event such as parents, youth leaders, or language. If you are scheduling an on-line prayer session and want to limit it to a particular geographic area, you should note that in this section as well.

Be sure to share your heart and set the direction for your prayer meeting.

Location - Click the "Select Location" button to the right of  the "Select a Location" field (the button is very light and difficult to see). You will then see a list of locations. If you will be meeting in a public place, search to see if your location already exists. If it does, click on it and you will be returned to the event form and the location you selected will be populated. If it does not exist, click on the "New" button at the top right and follow the indented instructions below.

Location Title - The title should include a description of either the public location such as Mountain View Church, or your full name (i.e. Diane Cranley's House) if you are hosting at a residence.*

Address - Fill in all address fields. Then press the "Locate in Map" button on the top and the system will populate the latitude and longitude fields.  Please provide a location even if you are hosting an on-line meeting to allow people to know where it is being hosted from. This latitude and longitude also causes the event to show up on our world map as a beam of light!

*If you are meeting at a personal residence and would prefer not to post your address on the internet, simply fill in the City, State, and Country and the "Locate in Map" button. It will register the location in the middle of the City. If you use this option, make a note in the Event Description that you will send the address to people after they register.

Save - Press the "Save and Close" button.           

Click on the location that you just created from the list. You will be returned to the event form and the location you selected will be populated. 

Primary Category - Click the "Change Category" button to the right (the button is very light and difficult to see). Either double click the appropriate category from the list or click once and press the "Continue" button. The category you select should match your title.

Secondary Category - Select your country, even if it is an on-line prayer meeting.

Language - Skip this field

Privacy - Skip this field

Tags - Completing this field is not required but your event will be easier to find on the internet if you include key words or phrases (i.e. intercessory prayer, child sexual abuse, survivors, your name, TAALK, TAALKwithGod, etc.) - just press enter after each key word or phrase.

Date and Time - Enter the appropriate start date and time for your first meeting and set the time zone to reflect your own. The system will automatically adjust all events to reflect the user's time zone when they view the calendar. 

Duration - Enter either the end date and time, or the duration

Custom Fields - At this point in the form you will see a section that is specific to the category of prayer event you selected earlier in the form (prayer walk, in-person prayer meeting, etc.). Complete these fields as requested. If you are creating an event for an on-line meeting, you will be asked for conference call information. If you do not already have one, you can get a free conference call account at including international dial-in numbers in all countries they support. You should add your countries dial-in in this field but go back and add all of the international dial-in numbers to the description field. 

Repeat Event - If you are creating a recurring meeting, click the plus sign to the right and mark the appropriate options.

Registration - Unless you are creating an Individual Prayer event, click the plus sign to the right and then mark "yes," additional fields will appear. Set the capacity limit if you have one. The system by default will set the registration to open immediately and stay open until the start time. Change if necessary. Please note that the capacity is for information purposes only, the application does not stop accepting applications when the limit is reached. 

Spam Protection - Click in the box and press the "Add Event" button 

If you press "Add Event" and the screen refreshes but brings you back to the event form, you have either missed a required field or your login timed out. When your form has been successfully submitted, you will be returned to the Calendar of Events page. You will receive a confirmation email but will not see your event on the website until it is approved by a site administrator.